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20% of European private equity and venture capital professionals are women, according to Level 20 Gender Diversity Report

Women make up 20% of investment professionals in European private equity and venture capital, and 10% at senior level, according to a report released Monday by Level 20, a non-profit organization promoting gender diversity in the workplace. capital investment.

Level 20 collected data from over 1,000 private equity and venture capital firms in 13 European countries that had at least 9,000 professionals in 2022.

At the top level, female representation was highest in Ireland at 28%, which has a small number of firms, followed by France at 15% and Spain at 13%. Seven countries had less than 10% female representation at higher level, according to level 20 European Gender Diversity Report.

At the junior level, women represent 34% of investment professionals, and more than 40% in Sweden, Norway and France. “It bodes well for the future” if the industry continues to encourage the retention and promotion of women in investment teams, said Pam Jackson, CEO and director of Level 20, in a foreword to the report.

Venture capital firms have more female investment professionals—22% versus 18% for private equity—except in Finland where private equity firms have 21% versus 15% for venture capital.

In both private equity and venture capital, on average 38% of European companies have all-male investment teams. The highest proportion of all-male teams is in Denmark at 65%, followed by the Netherlands at 58%, while the lowest is in France where 18% of companies are all-male.

This is the first report from Level 20, which aims to provide gender-disaggregated data to sponsees and sponsors to compare levels of gender representation and identify opportunities for improvement. The report “is a great starting point for measuring progress,” Ms Jackson said.