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A parliamentary delegation takes part in an international seminar in Finland | Jordan News

Ammon News – A parliamentary delegation, chaired by Ghazi Al-Baddawi, Deputy Speaker of the Lower House, participated in the 103rd edition of the Rose-Roth International Seminar, organized by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) in Helsinki, Finland.

The four-day seminar, which included several sessions, covered three topics: the Russian-Ukrainian war, climate change, cybersecurity and its impact on the world.

Parliamentarians from NATO member states, as well as member parliamentarians from observer countries, including Jordan, participated in the seminar, while Finland is not a member of this alliance.

During the opening session, in the presence of Finnish President Sauli Niinistō, the Speaker of the Finnish Parliament and the Chairman of the NATO PA, in-depth discussions took place on the threats of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war against the world peace.

Participants in the session stressed the importance of containing this war, which affects the civilized world, as well as the possibility of using unconventional weapons, which would threaten the global climate.

The seminar sessions were also attended by Finnish foreign and defense ministers, who stressed the importance of the role of non-NATO countries in furthering efforts to contain the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Participants discussed cybersecurity and the latest technologies to reduce climate impacts, which cast a shadow over global food security.

They stressed the importance of easily transferring information and creating systems to protect data and information that travels the world from hacking, especially information related to investments and money transfers.

The seminar concluded with field visits to the Finnish Navy, and participants were briefed on the importance of Finland’s location to help contain the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, preserve the Arctic and climate changes.

On the sidelines of the seminar, the Speaker of the Finnish Parliament met with the Jordanian parliamentary delegation and praised the Jordanian role and efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah in all international forums which stress the need to maintain global security and peace, as well as that Her Majesty’s commitment to focus our efforts on reducing the factors affecting climate change.

The Speaker of the Finnish Parliament also praised the level of the Jordanian parliamentary delegation and its contribution to enriching the discussions during the international seminar.