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Adrià Alsina calls on Sweden and Finland to preserve their democratic values ​​- ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Adrià Alsina spoke to ANHA about the agreement signed between NATO, Turkey and the anti-Kurds and said: “The agreement confirms once again the authoritarian Turkish administration which has been judged on several occasions before international tribunals for violation of human rights, freedom of thought and organization, political rights of the opposition and suppression of national minorities”.

Alsina explained that NATO forgets that Turkey is exploiting global instability to increase its aggression against Rojava

He continued: “We want Sweden and Finland to preserve all international human rights treaties and their strong democracy despite their NATO ties. So far, both countries have protected Kurds in exile. Unfortunately, the court will now decide each case.

Adrià Alsina mentioned that the Turkish state, especially its President Erdogan, is facing a very difficult situation due to the current economic crisis and uncontrolled inflation. Erdogan’s party is looking for an ‘enemy within’ and said: ‘That’s why he will declare victory over the Kurdish people, this (Turkey) could bring freedom fighters to Turkey and send them to prison in life.

Adria Alsina stressed that they were against the attacks of the Turkish state against the northeastern regions of Syria and said: “We consider the Turkish intervention in the Rojava region as illegal, the international community must not not accept it.

We constantly condemn the Turkish attacks through our allies in the Catalan Parliament and the Spanish Parliament, in particular through our President and his two deputies, Carles Puigdemont and Toni Comin.