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An inside look at the village of Fiskars in Raseborg, Finland

Nestled in the densely forested Finnish region of Uusimaa, Raseborg is home to the village of Fiskars. But don’t misunderstand the off-grid location – although it may be hidden, you’ve seen Fiskars everywhere (yes, the iconic orange scissors). The industrial city of ironwork has existed for generations! Founded in 1649, the brand is one of Europe’s oldest companies with a heritage of excellence, sustainability and creativity.

More than 30 historic shops and workshop buildings make up the village: mills, a clock tower, the granary, a foundry, Suutarinmäki (workers’ houses), a fire station, the mansion, etc. While the exterior of each building seems preserved at some point, it was the city’s craftsmen who brought it to life. The village is a playground for creative history lovers and innovation. Fiskars has remained strong in its roots while leaving room for a community of design enthusiasts to tell new stories about the idyllic town. You’ll find the storytellers opening up their shops and studios for a variety of services like candle making, carpentry, exhibits and meals.

Today, the bustling village (one hour from Helsinki) is not only home to 600 residents, but has become a must-visit tourist destination receiving nearly 200,000 visitors a year. Read below to find out how Fiskars has maintained its magic in an ever-changing world and what’s to come for the legendary brand.

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Fiskars Artist Community

fiskars village handicraft carpentry

Fiskars Village

The strength of Fiskars Village lies in its community spirit and progressive people-centeredness. In the early 2000s, the brand offered affordable housing for artists in Helsinki and since then the village has been welcoming creatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Some of the artists are members of Onoma, a collective that lives in the village of Fiskars to keep the artistic community alive. Onoma is responsible for hosting exhibitions and displaying their crafts in a store for purchase.

The cooperative recently launched Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, showcasing the best of the work of emerging Finnish designers, from architecture to contemporary art. The exhibit included tiny portable homes, a holistic museum dedicated to multi-sensory artwork, and a loft showcasing the history of textiles, fabrics, and ropes.


desico candle store

Medgina Saint Elien

Brands aligned with Fiskars’ mission have also joined the community. Stepping into Desico’s candle shop and workshop is a trip to paradise for candle connoisseurs. The olfactory experience will awaken your senses without feeling overwhelming. Choose from hundreds of scented and unscented natural candles, available in many sizes and colors.


fiskars village finland nikari wood store

Fiskars Village

True to the heart of Finnish design, Nikari uses locally certified wood to craft high-quality, fashion-forward wooden furniture. Founded in 1967, Nikari moved to the village of Fiskars in 1993, powering its studio from the Fiskars River. The shop is pristine and minimalist in style, allowing the artwork to speak for itself.

Where to eat in Fiskars village

village of fiskars


The village is also committed to cooking as an art by organizing festivals and food markets focusing on local products throughout the year.

Restaurant Kuparipaja

Located in the Copper Smithy, Kuparipaja offers a contemporary approach to traditional Finnish cuisine using seasonal and organic produce.

Coffee Bar Pesula

Whether you fancy a coffee or a light lunch, Pesula has a rustic (vegan) twist to satisfy your taste buds. Treat yourself to a gluten-free chocolate cake after your meal, you won’t regret it!

Fiskars Wardshus

Have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Wärdshus inn for a home-cooked meal. Since 1836, the inn has served as a favorite haunt for guests. You don’t have to drive long after dinner if you choose to book a quick stay at Hotel Tegel or a room above the restaurant.

Activities in Fiskars Village

Impossible to walk in the village without stopping to poke around in each building. The infrastructure remains solid, some being supported by iron and cement bricks (an idea born from the use of leftover materials). Visitors can walk or cycle through the village to explore.

fiskars village finland
  • Fiskars shop: Look (and shop) in an elevated gift shop featuring iconic brands such as Fiskars, Iittala, Hackman, Wedgwood and Arabia.
  • Ägräs Distillery: Savor the tradition of a Finnish craft distillery. Signature spirits include gin, whiskey, akvavit, and digestif.
  • Cycling: The Fiskars Village Trail Center offers various cycling routes with access to lakes, rivers and forests.
  • Old Coffee: Stop for a pastry while shopping for vintage pieces or reading a book
  • Humina Design Store: Shop vintage and admire handcrafted items like mugs or stationery.
  • JALO: Visit Timo Mustajärvi’s studio filled with silver, gold and gemstone jewelry and accessories. You will notice a pair of scissor earrings and instantly smile.
  • Candle making: Visit the candle shop or sign up for the candle-making workshop to create your own candle.
  • White Blue: Take part in a glassblowing class or watch a performance by skilled artisans.

Fiskars continues to uphold its heritage and look to the future with cutting-edge consumer goods like gardening essentials, professional tools, clothing and even kitchen utensils (we awarded its Hard Face pan at our annual Live Better Awards). The beauty that emanates from this idyllic village is not to be missed.

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