The Committee of Experts must prepare a report in three months and the PSOE wants it to include 50-50 financing

The Minister of Equality and Social Policies of the Junta de Andalucía, María José Sánchez Rubio, defended this Thursday, in the constituent meeting of the Commission for the Analysis of the Situation of the Dependency System, that the new model of regional financing for the Unit must include that the central government pays 50 percent, which is what the law establishes, and that, in addition, that financing is “finalist” and “conditioned” to the services and benefits of the Dependency.

This is what the Andalusian official said in statements to journalists in Madrid, where she has participated in the constitution of this expert commission. Surrounded by his counterparts of Aragon and Asturias, Sánchez Rubio has indicated that this body that is now starting will be given a period of three months to make a final report that, in the opinion of the socialist communities, must establish “three fundamental aspects”.

These three points are to guarantee 50 percent of funding by the State and that it is a finalist and go exclusively to Dependency, “since it is the only way to ensure the real application of funds for the care of dependence” ; recover benefits and services and recover Social Security for carers, who are mostly women.

The Andalusian official has said that the community serves 288,000 dependents, with an investment of more than 1,100 million euros, of which more than 80 percent is set by the Board “a lung” despite the fact that the law says that financing must be 50-50 between regional administration and State.

It should be noted that Andalusia was the autonomous community that took the initiative to promote the debate in the Conference of Presidents so that the attention to the dependence is included in the regional financing model in order to avoid arbitrary situations between the different regions. In addition, the Andalusian Government has called for a national agreement that guarantees the sustainability, development, and financing by the Public Administrations of the Autonomy and Dependency Care System.

Therefore, the demand of Andalusia to the Government of Spain is “that in the General Budgets of the State of 2017 the agreed level valid in 2011 for our autonomous community, and that Decree-Law 20/2012, of 13 July and, therefore, replenish 13 percent of the minimum level per beneficiary person, “stressed the counselor.

Sanchez Rubio has detailed that from the Law of General Budgets of the State for the year 2012, the agreed level was suspended in its application without it has been restored. The amount of the last year in which this level was applied, amounted to 283 million euros in the autonomous communities.

As for the minimum level, the cut measures implemented from the Decree-Law supposed a “direct reduction” of its amount by 13 percent. This has meant that the state financing in relation to the expenditure incurred in terms of Autonomy and Dependency is already in 2016 by 17 percent. “This has led to an accumulated loss in this legislature of more than 3,500 million euros in Spain, more than 508 in Andalusia,” denounced the counselor.

He also recalled that “if the Government of the Nation contributed the funding that corresponds by law, Andalusia could serve 105,000 more people, according to the Observatory of the Dependency”.


In addition, the head of social policies in Andalusia has advanced that “to mitigate the effects of these brutal cuts of the central government in terms of dependency”, the Andalusian Government will shortly approve a plan that aims to advance the attention to this dependent without recognized benefit and in the reduction of response times in this area. This plan will allow serving 230,000 people in Andalusia at the end of this year.

In the last two years, Andalusia has incorporated some 70,000 beneficiaries (with a net growth of more than 20,600 people) with 93,000 new services, and more than 134,000 new assessments and reviews have been carried out.

In the budgets of 2017 a total of 1,181 million euros is recorded, 2.5 percent more than in 2016, for the development of the Dependency Law, an amount similar to that which the central government destines for all of Spain (1,250 million ). The commitment of the Junta de Andalucía is that this increase will continue until reaching 10% accumulated throughout the term.

Since the implementation of the Dependency Law ten years ago, the Andalusian Government has invested more than 10 billion euros in the care of more than 371,600 people, who have benefited from 488,300 benefits.