Finland money

Challenge Tour of Ireland moves to Finland

The Challenge Tour remains in Northern Europe. From Ireland, head to Finland for the Vierumäki Finnish Challenge (August 4-7) then Denmark for the Frederikshavn Challenge (August 11-14) before two events in Sweden.

Finnish Vierumäki Challenge, schedule

On the course of the Vierumäki Resort, in the city from which the club takes its name, seven Italians will be involved: Luca Cianchetti, Giacomo Fortini, Jacopo Vecchi Fossa, Federico Maccario, Edoardo Raffaele Lipparelli, Filippo Bergamaschi and Michele Ortolani, all with the aim of to do well and perhaps to nourish the hopes, with an achievement, of going up the Route de Mallorca (order of merit).

In the field six seasonal winners, the Spaniard Alejandro Del Rey, who seems to be one of the fittest players at the moment, the Danes Martin Simonsen and Nicolai Kristensen, the English Nathan Kimsey and the Germans Alexander Knappe and Marc Hammer.

the French Robin Sciot-Siegrist, the Swiss Jeremy Freiburghaus, the Belgian Christopher Mivis, the German Freddy Schott and the English Marco Penge. There are still eleven races to go until the end of the round and this partly explains the many defections among the best, even if certain certainties also have weight.

The first six of the money list have deserted the tournament, the Swedish Jens Dantorp, number one, the Dane Oliver Hundeboll and the South African Juan Carlo Ritchie who are now sure of the ‘map’ for the DP World Tour 2023 (they will be rewarded in the top twenty of this ranking), a few weeks ago they went on the major circuit and will participate in the Cazoo Open.

Also stop the English Todd Clements, winner last week in the Irish Challenge, the Norwegian Kristian Krogh Johannessen and the French Clément Sordet who rested. In total, ten of the top twenty in the Road To Mallorca will be on the field, almost everyone from tenth place down where nothing has yet been established.

Lorenzo Scalise, 25th in the order of merit, also preferred to participate in the Cazoo Open. There will not be Dane Marcus Helligkilde, defending champion, also in Wales, but because last year he won the money list of the circuit and now plays on the DP World Tour. The prize pool is 250,000 euros, of which 40,000 will go to the winner.