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Diesel Launches Pride Collection Featuring Homoerotic Art From Tom of Finland

Diesel pays tribute to queer artist Tom of Finland with his Pride collection.

Diesel has released a Pride collection featuring Tom of Finland’s iconic homoerotic artwork.

The capsule collection features selected artworks from the Tom of Finland Foundation catalog on gender-neutral pieces.

This includes his recognizable designs of leather dads with bulges printed on t-shirts, tote bags, shorts and shirts.

There is also a jockstrap in the collection, which is white and features the Diesel logo next to the Tom of Finland capsule logo.

The gender-neutral collection features Diesel’s signature denim, with pieces including a jacket, trousers and Trucker shorts with a patch that reads ‘AllTogether by Tom Finland Foundation and The Community with Diesel’.

It’s now available to buy from and, with prices starting at £30.

The Pride capsule collection includes t-shirts, shirts, jockstrap and tote bags.

The capsule collection also includes designs from seven designers, including Silvia Prada, whose collage of shirtless men is digitally printed in grayscale puzzle pieces on a collared shirt.

Others include Florian Hetz, whose photograph of arms tightly crossed is glued to a dark brown hoodie, and Peter Berlin, whose self-portrait appears on a T-shirt.

The designers making up the capsule collection are Palanca, Michael Kirwan, Paul Tankersley alias Tank and Heather Benjamin.

Diesel Creative Director Glenn Martens said, “We want to shine a light on a long legacy of queer imagination and perseverance around the world.

“Stories of artists in which many have faced discrimination and misrepresentation due to the nature of who they are and what they create.”

He added that the multi-layered approach to this year’s Pride celebration “demonstrates my own perspective – and Diesel’s position – on the need to amplify our social responsibility.”

The collection also includes works by seven designers, including Silvia Prada and Florian Hetz.
The collection also includes works by seven designers, including Silvia Prada and Florian Hetz.

The work of the seven artists will be featured in a two-part homoerotic art exhibition with more than 200 pieces dating back to the 1940s.

In partnership with the arts organization Tom of Finland Foundation and the Parisian art gallery The Community, the exhibition will run until June 26 in Paris and Venice.

This is the first exhibition of its kind outside of Tom House in Los Angeles, which housed the erotic artwork of Touko Laaksonen, the late artist known as Tom of Finland.

The foundation was launched in 1984 to preserve her work and compile what she calls the largest collection of LGBTQ+ art in the world.

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Pride Month 2022

A number of brands have started releasing their Pride-themed collections for 2022.

However, each year the brands are criticized for pursuing the “pink book” with their Pride clothing and ignoring LGBT+ people for the rest of the year.

In an effort to combat this, in recent years a number of brands have collaborated with LGBT+ artists and highlighted exactly how much money they will donate to LGBT+ charities and which charities will benefit from Pride apparel sales.

This includes Target which has partnered with queer brands founded by women, TomboyX and Humankind for two limited-edition lines in 2022.

While Converse launched its mainline collection alongside “Converse By You”, which allows fans to create their own personalized “All Star” patch, license plate and laces, using the colors of the Progress Pride flag.

Levi’s has confirmed a $100,000 donation to OutRightAction International alongside its collection, while watch brand Skagen will donate all proceeds from its Pride line to InterPride throughout June.

Another recent release is Dr. Martens, who reinvented their classic 1461 shoes with a subtle rainbow design against the monochromatic white base.