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Discipline in Malaysian schools cannot be the same as in Finland

Malaysia says it cannot follow the same discipline process in schools as in countries like Finland and other Western countries.

Malaysian state premier Kedah recently said in a report that Malaysia cannot follow the same disciplinary code as in countries like Finland.

The Kedah Mentri Besar said the guidelines on student punishment as practiced in the Western education system are not suitable for adoption in Malaysian schools.

According to NST, Sanusi (pix) said to delete the the power of teachers to impose disciplinary sanctions does not help the country produce an educated future generation.

He said that while the non-penalty guidelines may work for Western countries such as the United States of America and Finland, it will not work the same way in Malaysia.

“I think if students can’t be fined, caned, reprimanded and we can’t reprimand them, we’re just inviting danger into the education system.”

“Maybe there are great experts who say we can’t do this and we have to, but in my opinion we’ll be reduced to just raising ‘ayam daging’ (broiler chickens) in schools.”

“I don’t know how the Minister of Education will react. It’s up to him, but I’m of the opinion that we shouldn’t bring up ‘ayam daging’ in schools. We need to train educated people in schools,” he said.

However, Sanusi stressed that teachers should adhere to existing guidelines in issuing sanctions to educate students and refrain from going overboard.

Source: Daily Sun