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Discover Polestar’s Space-Age Treehouse in Finland

When you think of a company that makes automobiles, you probably don’t think of that same company that builds a treehouse, especially not in the forests of Finland. However, that’s exactly what you get with a carmaker that has become synonymous with electric vehicles and sustainability, Polestar. The question is, why did they build the treehouse? More importantly, what does this have to do with manufacturing automobiles? Luckily, this is one of those situations where something seemingly unrelated is actually quite the opposite. You just need to be able to see it and know enough about the background to connect the dots, which is precisely what we’re about to do.

The Automaker and the Treehouse

It turns out that the fact that the tree house even exists is mainly due to none other than Maximilian Missoni, the person responsible for creating new designs at Polestar. The origins of this treehouse are quite interesting on their own. There was a contest that was made public where people could submit designs to the company. Obviously, the company was probably expecting to get designs related to futuristic automobiles that only run on electricity, but one of those designs stood out because it was very different. It was submitted by a Finnish designer named Kristian Talvitie. The design was submitted last year and despite being a departure from what this company typically focuses on, it ended up winning an honorable mention in the competition. The more Missoni thought about the design itself, the more intrigued he became about its existence. It wasn’t long before he decided that something more needed to be done with it and eventually he decided to have the treehouse built right there in the Finnish forest, largely due to the fact that its designer was from this region. If you’re wondering why a car company would commission a treehouse to be built and what all of this has to do with all the company would be involved with in the future, you’re probably not alone. Again, there are times when things that seem unrelated are actually directly related and as you will see in the next paragraph, that is precisely what is happening here.

How is a treehouse connected to a car manufacturer?

When Polestar decided to open this competition, it was about allowing people to express their vision for the future of sustainable travel. It’s probably no surprise that the company, and many of the people who work there, are forward-thinking, especially considering that the company specializes in making cars that don’t pollute. the environment like the current gas-guzzling machines you so often see on the road today. As Polestar executives took a closer look at this design, they realized it was imperative to go ahead and build a full-scale example just outside of Fiskars. After all, if the contest was about sustainable travel, who said it had to be limited to finding a way to get there sustainably? Eventually, the company saw this as the perfect opportunity to expand and create designs that weren’t necessarily just about automobiles, but with different things across the board that could be sustainable. Getting there in an eco-friendly and sustainable way is vitally important, but it’s no use if you cause all sorts of damage to the environment once you reach your destination. This is precisely the message that the individuals at Polestar wanted to convey. This is also why they finally decided to go ahead with the construction of this futuristic design.

Find effective ways to change the world

Few people would question that Polestar wants to make their corner of the world a better place. After all, that’s essentially what they do by designing and selling all electric automobiles. Their departure from the car building business that started with this treehouse really isn’t all that different from what they’ve been doing since the beginning. In fact, it’s the big picture. In this particular case, it’s about showing people that they can live sustainably while traveling in this way. It’s right there at your fingertips, all in the form of a futuristic tree house that’s nicer than the apartments that many people currently live in. It’s secluded, so you get an immersive experience, almost like you’re one with the forest around it. That’s thanks to a panoramic glass design that lets you see from every angle, and a frame that’s designed to sit just high enough off the ground to give you the advantage of that particular vantage point. Of course, water and lighting are all managed through sustainable methods, such as capturing rainwater and reusing it for bathing and drinking. The house also runs on solar energy. It’s designed to show people that they can live in a chic environment that doesn’t feel like they’re giving anything up, yet is completely in tune with the environment around them.

The idea here is to show people that they can live with a very small footprint, but they don’t have to live like some crazy person who has isolated themselves in the desert and is living a drastically different lifestyle. of everything they have known before. . In order to get people to live more in harmony with the environment, this is precisely the kind of thing that people need to see. The truth is, it’s not going to take off in a major way until more people are afraid of what that lifestyle would be like. Just as they did with their previous all-electric vehicle designs, Polestar is now showing people that it is possible to live a more economically sustainable life without giving up anything in the process.