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Drone activity increases near critical infrastructure in southwestern Finland | New

Authorities in the region have urged members of the public to report any sightings of drones spotted near facilities such as water towers.

File photo. Image: Janne Lindroos/Yle

Authorities in southwestern Finland have received an increasing number of reports in recent months of drones spotted flying close to critical infrastructure for the country’s security of supply.

The facilities included water towers, the Southwest Finland Emergency Preparedness Committee said.

Up to Usvasalo of Finland’s Southwest State Regional Administrative Agency (Avi) told Yle that there is currently no information on who is operating the drones or why they are flying in the area.

However, he urged members of the public to report any drone sightings, at a low threshold, to authorities.

In a press release, the Preparedness Committee for Southwest Finland said that Finnish authorities and organizations have noted that the deteriorating economic situation has put additional pressure and stress on people, which could making them vulnerable to disinformation campaigns.

The committee added that increased fact-checking and identifying the motivation behind the message are important ways to prevent the spread of deliberately false or harmful information.

In summary, the press release noted that the security situation in Finland is stable and the security of supply in the southwestern region is at a good level. Potential uncertainties relate primarily to energy availability and prices, as well as the economic viability of companies and rising consumer prices.

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