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Dutch company DIF Capital Partners acquires 55% stake in Paris-based EV charging operator Bump

Based in Paris To bumpa startup that aims to decarbonize cities by offering fast charging solutions for electric vehicles, announced Thursday, September 22 that it has entered into a strategic and financial partnership with the Dutch company DIF Capital Partnersinfrastructure investor and fund manager.

The partnership includes a fundraiser to support an investment plan of 180 million euros by 2030.

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DIF Capital Partners also acquired a 55% stake in Bump. The investment comes from the DIF Core-plus Infrastructure Fund III of DIF Capital Partners. All of Bump’s original stockholders will continue to own stock in the company.

Bump: Everything you need to know

Founded in 2020 by François Oudot and François Paradis, Bump aims to accelerate the energy transition of cities by allowing citizens to switch to electric mobility easily and without the need for financing.

To offer solutions to the ecological challenges of cities, Bump has developed 2 types of offers:

  • Charging stations without financing and paid per kWh consumed within companies, business parks and logistics hubs; and
  • Fast charging stations in urban areas accessible to all in public car parks, supermarkets, shopping centers, merchants and restaurants

Co-founder François Oudot says, “At Bump, we are committed to solving one of the biggest problems of our decade: the decarbonization of mobility. By emitting 50% of CO2 emissions linked to mobility, professionals have an essential role to play in this energy transition. Bump was created to provide long term support for all their onsite and roaming charging needs with innovative business models.

To meet the needs of its demanding customers, Bump claims to have developed a differentiating expertise allowing a high level of service quality for its terminals. Currently, the startup has an availability rate of 96% against 75% of its terminals for the public network and a successful recharge rate of 96% against 77% on the public network.

Use of capital

Bump says it has been able to build a rapidly expanding base of electric vehicle charging infrastructure since its inception, and by the end of 2022 it is expected to have more than 1,700 charging stations. recharge built or under contract.

DIF’s product will help the company expand its portfolio of charging stations as it strives to become one of France’s industry leaders in the B2B sector.

François Oudot, CEO of Bump, said: “We are delighted with this opportunity to accelerate our growth and tap into the booming French electric vehicle market. Our partnership with DIF will enable us to secure long-term financial resources and benefit from their experience in supporting major Capex deployment programs.

About the investor

DIF Capital Partners is a global independent investment manager with over €14 billion in assets under management across 11 closed-end infrastructure funds and numerous co-investment vehicles.

France is a key target market for DIF and is served locally by its 13-person team in Paris. The investment in Bump is DIF’s second investment in the sector after acquiring a majority stake in Plugit Oy, a Finnish electric vehicle charging infrastructure company, last year.

Currently, DIF Capital Partners has a team of over 190 professionals, spread across 11 offices located in Amsterdam (Schiphol), Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, New York, Paris, Santiago, Sydney and Toronto.

DIF uses two complementary methods to invest in companies and infrastructure assets, particularly in Europe, America and Australia:

  • The most recent DIF CIF fund, DIF CIF III, focuses on equity investments in small and medium-sized core-plus infrastructure companies in the transport, energy transition and communications sectors.
  • Traditional DIF funds, of which DIF Infrastructure VI is the latest, focus on capital investments in infrastructure with long-term contractual or regulated revenue streams, such as public-private partnerships, concessions, services utilities and energy transition projects (including renewable energies).
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