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Educational trips to Finland and Switzerland on maps for public school teachers: Bhagwant Mann

In a move to improve the quality of education in the state, Punjab will send its public school teachers to other states and countries so that they can observe and replicate the best practices of the institutes there.

This was announced by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Tuesday during an interaction with around 2,500 head teachers in the state, at a private compound in Ludhiana. The meeting was called to solicit their contributions to the overhaul of the state’s education system.

“Our teachers will be sent on an educational tour to Delhi and other countries, such as Singapore, Switzerland, Finland and institutes such as Harvard and Oxford, at government expense. The Delhi model of education would be implemented in Punjab,” he said.

Stating that people have lost faith in government school education here, Mann said sweeping changes will be made. “Teachers spend the whole day chasing civil servants for administrative work. Moreover, there is a shortage of staff at all levels – whether teachers or gardeners. The infrastructure is lamentable and the students pay the price. All of that will change now,” the CM said.

He further said that the state government is committed to stopping the brain drain by bringing industry back to the state so that young people don’t have to venture abroad to find a job. job.

Full of praise on the government of Delhi

Highlighting the achievements of the Kejriwal government in the education sector, Mann said four lakh students have moved from private to public schools in Delhi, and at least 10,000 additional classrooms have been built so far.

Mann further said that every year 450 students from the capital are admitted to prestigious institutions like IIT.

“NRIs are ready to embrace public schools, but their money needs to be used wisely,” he said.

Annual awards for top performing teachers and principals

The Punjab CM also announced that every year 10 top performing teachers and principals among all public schools in the state will be honoured.

Earlier, Education Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer welcomed the CM by presenting him with a book.

Speaking on the occasion, Hayer assured that the opinions and suggestions of all teachers are welcome and that each contribution will be carefully discussed. The Minister of School Education also said that all significant ideas will be implemented.

Portal launched for sending suggestions

The CM has also launched an online portal where teachers can submit their suggestions for educational reforms. He said teachers should send their ideas online and move to a paperless and digital system.

Bhagwant Mann also assured the teachers that like the Delhi government, the Punjab government would not entrust them with any work apart from teaching.