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HOLLYWOOD – Many want to endow singer Greyson Chance with the “comeback” label or have a “comeback from retirement”. This is an understandable mistake because the “from glory to disaster” story IS there. The real story is that of one of today’s most exciting new artists. The one that speaks not only to today’s LGBTQ youth, but their entire generation.

Over a decade ago there was a boy. The boy was very good at the piano and at singing. He entered a talent competition and sang a well-known pop song by one of the hottest artists around. Of course there was a video. Social media was itself a baby and as such began to launch like videos into the stratosphere. Her video was one of the first to be viewed millions of times. Then there was the Ellen show, then the recording contracts and a music video in which he was Ariana Grande’s lover.

Life would never be the same again. It wouldn’t be the same as Greyson Chance would be forever entwined with Lady Gaga and Paparazzi. It wouldn’t be the same as when her voice changed and everything fell apart. “The second the momentum stopped, you know, I was really kind of thrown to the curb when I was 15. The same day I was abandoned by my label, my management. , my publicist and agent. It was the ultimate for me, as a kid musician. Greyson told me.

The real story, however, is that of a fantastic songwriter who hit the industry in a big way with a debut album of his own work in 2019. He then emerged as a keen artist who had previously been educated on the functioning of the industry, and as a professional who knew how to come in with his own vision and realize it.

“It’s a machine and when I first got on the scene I had this huge viral video and with that a lot of money coming up, and big guys involved in the industry,” says -he. He made music his way. He did the songs they wrote and played the part of the person they wanted him to be.

(Photo credit: Broderick Bauman)

He learned to be the kind of artist he didn’t want to be. The young artist returned to Oklahoma and enveloped himself in the cocoon of normalcy. He incubated there, fell in love, and was heartbroken by someone he thought he was going to hang on to forever. At that point, he emerged from the cocoon, with a full self-written album in hand, a musical butterfly spreading its wings.

“I’m 23 now. And I started with my first recording contract when I was 12 years old. There was so much in my teenage years, in my childhood in music, where I wasn’t given the chance not only to make the music that I really wanted to do, but also to write. I had to make records, I didn’t have a great artistic involvement in everything I did. So when I came back to music, I really wanted to show the world that I was a songwriter, that I had a unique voice. That I had unique things to say. I really insist on authenticity. These are stories that come from the heart. These are things that come from my own life. It’s not even really a choice that I have anymore. It’s honest, from a place that’s real and authentic, ”says Greyson.

Greyson portrayed not only with a new thematic “voice”, but also with a new physical voice. “It was interesting, what I’ve been through, they always tell you that when your voice changes it’s going to be kind of a tough task and to put it mildly. It has been so difficult for me for a few years to find some comfort in my physical voice. I mean, I really had a hard time changing my voice. But eventually, I learned when I was on the road as a kid, that in a way, when you’re a musician on tour, you’re a bit like an athlete. My muscle is, is my voice. Greyson’s new voice is far superior to his Broadway boyish voice. It has a high harmonic register and a deep sensuality. She’s not copying anyone else’s, that voice is only hers.

In 2019, Greyson released his launch album “Portraits”. The stories on the album provided insight into the various characters he saw of himself as he navigated an unhappy romance. One week he was looking at engagement rings, the next week, out of the blue, “the man of his dreams” left him without an explanation. Greyson works each personal portrait through the prism of a beautiful, musically shining diamond. “The portraits for me were really my piece of reinvention. And what I mean by that is that before I released this album, you know, I couldn’t even meet anyone in LA. You know, nobody wanted to touch me, nobody wanted to be involved in my project and involved in my music. So I was like, you know what, I’m going to write a record, and I’m going to write a full album. I’ll give it one last shot, and see, see what happens. And, luckily, it went very, very well.

In 2019, he filled 109 venues performing songs from Portraits. He came out publicly as gay in response to a fan during an authentic life conversation. He has also been transparent about his personal challenges, including his ongoing battle with anorexia. “It was really, really hard to diagnose him. I had just come out of that very bad breakup that I had written my album Portraits on, and I was developing habits of not eating and not taking care of myself. I blamed it on the sadness I was feeling at the time. Then as things got a little more normal and I got a little more stable, I noticed that I still had this problem and things going on. For me, I had to do a lot of therapy, to understand. I made it public because it was so stigmatized, and still is. I like to think that I have my life together. But here is the deep problem that I am struggling with and going through. I’m on the road to recovery, it never stops when you’re battling an eating disorder, but I’m doing great, great right now. I stay on top. Through my disclosure, there has been such an amazing and beautiful dialogue that continues to happen, with people reaching out to me and sort of sharing their own struggles and battles with him. I work to try to be the best version of myself that I can be.

(Photo credit: Broderick Bauman)

After forced containment during the 2020 pandemic, Greyson is ready to move on to the next phase of his butterfly trajectory. He’s released two singles from his upcoming EP, Trophies, and he’s in love again. The songs of the EP will be in a thematic composition. The first two releases create a spiritual arc ranging from Holy Feeling, a heavenly and rich ballad, to the hedonistic and dancing Hell Boy to high pop.

He says of the new material, “My boyfriend and I just celebrated our first anniversary yesterday. Trophies, really expresses the fear of losing love now, and sort of that fear that was created in old relationships that I have had. It is the desire of my fans and queer people around the world to know what it really is to be in love. We are constantly told that as gay people our relationships will always be difficult, they will not. will never be some kind of American dream type relationship. Because we’re different, these relationships are going to be different, because we’re inherently different. It’s just absolutely BS. Regardless of how you identify who you love, you can totally having all that stereotypical white picket fence, you know, a dog in the green grass of the backyard. It’s so in your wheelhouse. It’s not out of reach. This drive emotionally goes through t all these things and talks about them in music. “

Ten years ago there was a boy made famous by a pop song and viral video. Today there is an artistic and powerful singer-songwriter who sings the authenticity of his generation. The rush you feel is the wind of rainbow colored butterfly wings taking flight, and the knowledge that the most famous Greyson Chance is the one to come.

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