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‘Extremely rare’ walrus found ALIVE on shore in Hamina, Finland

UPDATE: A walrus found on shore in Hamina, Finland is now back in the water. Image: Twitter @poliisi_kaakko

Finnish police have provided an update on the walrus found behind a boat on the shores of Hamina in Finland, an incident described as “extremely rare”.

UPDATE 3:10 p.m. (July 15) – After a walrus was found alive on the shores of Hamina in Finland on Friday July 15, an on-call vet, rescue services and other authorities and experts were called to the scene.

According to the police, “the vet visually examined the walrus lying on the beach. At first there was doubt about the starvation state of the walrus, since it was in a completely unsuitable habitat for it.

“Rescue arrived to take care of watering the large wild animal and to help with a possible capture.”

Inspector Ilari Saarikivi from the South East Finland Police Department said: “In Finland, such an animal is rare and its discovery in Hamina immediately aroused a lot of interest. For the safety of walruses and passers-by, we have isolated the beach.

After lying on the beach for several hours, the walrus moved towards coastal waters and left Salmenvirra to swim south.

Saarikivi said: “The vet found the walrus to be healthy so we stayed to watch the walrus swim. The walrus, which was swimming briskly, was released from sighting near Haminanlahti, and it was allowed to continue its journey to Ulappa.

Police warned that “if you see a walrus in the coastal area, it’s a good idea to report the sighting to the emergency centre.”

He added: “You should not approach the walrus under any circumstances as it is a large wild animal and humans are not part of its normal habitat.”

ORIGINAL 11:31 (July 15) – A walrus was found behind a boat on the shores of Hamina in Finland, in an incident described as “extremely rare” by a local fire chief.

A special animal rescue mission is underway in Hamina, Finland, located about 145 km east of the country’s capital, Helsinki, after a live walrus was discovered on the shore of Salmenvirta.

The “extremely rare” incident at Salmenvirta, located in Salmenkylä, a few kilometers from the center of Hamina, was captured by the Kymenlaakso rescue service and shared in a tweet.

“Perhaps the most unusual animal rescue mission in @kymenpelastus history is underway in Hamina, when a walrus decided to come ashore,” the tweet read.

“Mursu is currently irrigated and further measures are being determined.”

According to local media, it is not yet known how the walrus ended up on the beach.

Police are on scene and have cordoned off the area.

Passers-by are not allowed near the walrus as it can be dangerous, local experts said.

Authorities don’t want the animal disturbed while rescue missions are underway.

Finnish police wrote on Twitter: “At the moment, in addition to the police, there is also a rescue service and a veterinarian. The goal is to catch the animal so that it does not represent a danger to passers-by. Police hope the walrus will be left alone and not watched for nothing, even if there is interest.

The plan, according to yle Journalist Heini Rautoma has to make sure the walrus doesn’t wander off as the police and vets on site want to transfer the walrus to Korkeasaari Zoo for treatment.

According to Rautoma, dozens of people gathered near the beach to witness this rare event.

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