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Finland detects large number of fake travel documents at its eastern border

Finnish border guards have announced that a large number of fake travel documents have been detected at the country’s eastern border.

In one of its most recent press releases, Finnish border guards revealed that only during a ten-day period, September 8-18, 2022, they detected a total of 22 fakes. Belgian residence permits at the Easter border, reports.

According to the authorities, the false residence permits detected were of good quality. Nevertheless, border inspectors were able to reveal the methods that were used to create them.

“The fake residence cards were of good quality. Border inspectors who specialize in finding documents were able to reveal the forgery methods used, which made it easier to reveal the wrong type of document in cross-border traffic,” said the Finnish border guard.

Finnish border guards explained that those who obtained such false travel documents had to pay suppliers thousands of euros. However, the authorities gave no information on those who issued false documents.

Besides detecting fake travel documents, authorities said they also found fake stamps from different Schengen countries in many passports.

According to Finnish border guards, those who tried to enter Finland using fake documents came mainly from the Caucasus region, which includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and parts of southern Russia. In addition, the same pointed out that they aimed to reach Central Europe.

“The persons admitted in the preliminary investigation by the border guards of southeastern Finland that they had committed counterfeiting crimes. They applied for asylum in Finland,” added the Finnish border guard.

Authorities have also detected similar cases before. On September 17, Finnish border guards arrested a person who presented a false Serbian passport, a driving license and a false identity card at the Vaalimaa border post.

In addition, authorities detected five fake Schengen border control stamps and found a fake Italian residence permit.

Previously, reported that Finland is set to update its national regulations on the Schengen Information System, which will allow the country to better manage its borders.

The decision to update the system was announced by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior. The ministry noted that the laws being updated will enter into force at the same time as the commissioning of the new Schengen Information System by decision of the Commission.

The Schengen Information System contains information on wanted and missing persons, entry bans and return decisions for third-country nationals, among others.