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Finland prepares for power outages this winter

Finland should prepare for possible power cuts this winter in the event of a power shortage, the Finnish grid operator said on Tuesday, in another warning of an energy crisis in Europe after gas supplies of Russia has been severely reduced.

In the case of Finland, Gazprom halted all gas deliveries to Russia’s western neighbor in May, making Finland the third EU member state with a Russian gas pipeline cut after Poland and Bulgaria. The halt in Russian supplies to Finland came days after Finland – along with its Scandinavian neighbor Sweden – formally applied to join NATO following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia has warned the two countries against applying for NATO membership.

Finland gets up to 70% of the gas it uses from Russia, but gas does not have a large share in the overall energy mix and accounts for 5% of total energy consumption.

“The war in Europe and the exceptional situation on the energy market have increased the uncertainties related to the availability of electricity. Due to the great uncertainties, Finns must be prepared for power cuts caused by possible shortages electricity this winter,” the Finnish grid said. operator Fingrid said today.

According to Fingrid, the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant would compensate for the missing Russian imports.

“In practice, in the event of a power shortage, Fingrid will inform the local distribution network companies of the total amount of electricity to be disconnected from the area of ​​each distribution network company, and after that, the power cuts will be recycled in two-hour cuts until the power shortage is over,” said Tuomas Rauhala, Senior Vice President, Power System Operations, Fingrid.

Also in the Nordic region, Norway plans to limit its electricity exports if reservoir levels for hydroelectric generation drop to extremely low levels to avoid electricity shortages and further increases in energy bills in the National level.

Last week, the other Nordic network operators – Fingrid, Svenska Kraftnät of Sweden and Energinet of Denmark – called on Norway to reconsider its plans to limit its exports.

“If export restrictions were to be allowed under current European electricity regulations, we are concerned that such a measure could encourage other countries to consider similar restrictions and thus have a negative effect. much larger negative in the Nordic and European electricity markets,” the operators said. said.

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