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Finland to establish national hydrogen grid

Finland to establish national hydrogen grid

The country wants to become a leader in the production and export of hydrogen

Last week, the Finnish authorities announced that they would establish a national hydrogen grid. In particular, a national economic policy committee had advocated the expansion of the state Gazgrid Finland Oy dividing with hydrogen transport infrastructure and relationship development hydrogen market in Finland.

Commitment, of course, occurs in the context of the country’s climate ambitions (i.e., achieving carbon neutral by 2035), the rising energy prices and the need for independence from Russia and fossil fuels. Hydrogen is therefore considered a powerful zero emissions contributor to these ambitions.

Finland – a major player in the hydrogen business

Gasgrid Finland Oy is responsible for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of gas transmission in Finland. In the future, the strategic interest of the company will also be to develop the infrastructures for the transmission of hydrogen and its gaseous derivatives and to ensure their functionality and uninterrupted operation, indicates a press release from the Ministry of the Environment. .

To this end, the company will create a subsidiary that it will capitalize with its current financing and operating cash flows. In doing so, in addition to securing its own energy independence, the Nordic country wants to position itself as a producer and exporter of hydrogen.

As indicated on the ministry’s website, the transmission capacity of the gas system is significantly greater than that of the electrical system, and this transmission capacity could be used, for example, to transmit low carbon gas, like hydrogen, produced by electricity. At the same time, it would give flexibility to the electrical system.

The government still wants to promote the necessary investments in the transport and distribution of hydrogen during this legislature. The main directions of the hydrogen economy are included in the climate energy strategy which will be presented to Parliament next week,explained the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mika Lintilä.