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Finland’s favorite stamp of 2021 depicts a forest in autumn

By Denise McCarty

Two stamps featuring photographs that capture the colors of autumn topped the popularity poll to select the most beautiful Finnish stamp of 2021. The poll was conducted by Posti, the Finnish postal and logistics service provider.

The stamps were issued on September 8, 2021, in a five-part installment called Glimmer of Fall. The first place stamp is displayed nearby as a single and bottom right in the five pane. He received 4,060 of the 49,049 votes cast in the poll, according to Posti.

Second place, with 3,717 votes, went to the horizontal format stamp depicting beech trees at sunset. This stamp is located at the bottom left of the pane. Also ranking in the top 10, in ninth place, was the stamp above depicting a moonlit scene.

Jukka Risikko took the photos that appear in the Glimmer of Fall installment, which was designed by Stiina Hovi.

Posti said, “With his photographs, Risikko wants to convey the calming effect of nature. He takes photos in the countryside and forests of his home region of Lapua, and he hopes to increase people’s appreciation for the environment and nature close to home with his photos.

Posti promised, “More landscape photographs of Risikko will be featured on stamps in the future.”

A Christmas stamp featuring a Eurasian bullfinch ranked third in the 2021 poll with 3,008 votes. Designed by Klaus Welp, the stamp was issued on November 3, 2021, in a roll of 20.

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