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Finland’s Haku Wins HH The Amir Cup Bowling Championship

HH The Amir’s Cup Bowling Championship podium winners with officials at the presentation ceremony.

Finland’s Thomas Kaiu Haku won the HH The Amir’s Cup bowling title after winning the final on Friday night against Emirati Ahmed Al Mahri. Haku won with a score of 410-355.
Qatari Yousef Al Jaber finished third in the tournament organized by the Qatar Bowling Association for eight consecutive days at the Qatar Bowling Center with the participation of the highest ranked players, including Thailand’s Anoop Aronsarnon.
The round of 16 saw six Qatari players namely Yousef Al Jaber, Jassim Al Muraikhi, Badr Al Sada, Jassem Al Diab, Mansour Al Hajri and Nasser Al Sahouti but only three of them qualified for the quarters of final, which Youssef Al Jaber won. Ali Nasser Al Sahouti and Jassim Al Muraikhi lost to Emirati Ahmed Al Mahri.
The championship had a total prize pool of US$102,000 which was split between places first through 48th, with the winner receiving $20,000 and runner-up $12,000.
Haku expressed his joy at winning the title after fierce competition in the Al Mahri final, and before that in the Qatari Al Jaber semi-final.
He stressed his desire to participate in this tournament every year as it is considered one of the best tournaments due to its good organization and the presence of the best players.
He pointed out that the tournaments held in Qatar are the best in terms of organization and technique in this part of the world considering the best facilities provided by the Qatar Federation.
For his part, Al Jaber expressed his satisfaction with the result he obtained, emphasizing that his ambition was to win the championship title, especially since he had a good start and dominated the general classification in the first steps. But in the semi-finals, a bad start in the first attempts allowed Haku to take the lead.
Al Jaber thanked the Qatar Bowling Federation for their great interest in the players of the Qatari team, who showed good levels in the tournament, which saw the great participation of players from Asian, Arab and Gulf countries.
For his part, Salem Al Marzouqi, member of the board of directors of the Qatar Bowling Association and director of the tournament, praised the high technical level of the tournament. He applauded the performance of the Qatari players as the competition was strong. It is also a good preparation for the players of the national team for the Arab Championship, which will be held next August in Egypt, he underlined.