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Finland’s Vendep Capital has made its first investment in Sweden and added its first Finnish B2B market company to its portfolio

Based in Helsinki Vendep Capital seized the opportunity to expand its investments through its third fund. A Finnish venture capital firm has already shown interest in these companies. The fund is endowed with 70 million euros, which gives the company two of its firsts. For the first time, Vendep invests in a Swedish company and a B2B marketplace in Finland.

swedish company my telescope provides a smarter approach to marketing with its tools to analyze how the internet is reacting to a brand, then use that data to become more proactive and agile, and more enjoyable for customers. Two other investments of the company are in two Finnish companies, my plane and Trustmary.

The first is Vendep’s first investment in a B2B marketplace in Finland. It is a marketplace for airlines and travel agencies and helps digitize charter flight enquiries, sales and management processes globally, and connect the supply of airlines on demand. The latter helps companies collect testimonials and optimize results for better conversion rates. Trustmary is also the company’s first investment since the announcement of the third fund.

SaaS specialist Vendep Capital makes its first investment in Sweden and its first investment in the B2B market in Finland

“With our third fund, we are expanding our investments both geographically and also covering early seeds. Additionally, we are now also investing in SaaS-enabled B2B marketplaces, the first being myPlane,” Remarks Sakari PihlavaGeneral partner of Vendep.

Vendep’s third €70m fund has already invested in three companies that are revolutionizing the markets, for which the investment of a SaaS expert brings significant added value. Three very promising early-stage SaaS companies, one in Sweden and two in Finland, have started their journey with Vendep Capital.

Swedish company My Telescope brings a revolution to marketing analytics with its search share-based SaaS solution that discovers, measures and predicts market trends, brand strength and marketing campaign effectiveness in near real-time .

Vendep Capitals Third Fund, My Telescope, Frédérique Pirenne“The brainstorming sessions with Jupe Arala and Sami Ahvenniemi’s commitment to actively assisting us were invaluable. Sami’s knowledge of the market and his connections in the United States facilitate our entry into the market”, says the CSO of My Telescope Frederique Pirenne.

Even before the product was finalized, Vendep recognized the enormous potential of myPlane. myPlane is a highly demanded digital marketplace, the world’s first, for finding, selling and managing charter flights. The service connects demand from both airlines to utilize excess capacity and travel agencies to find available charter aircraft for their customers.

Vendep Capitals Third Fund, myPlace, Juuso KlemolaThe co-founder Juuso Klemola comments: “Vendep’s good reputation, its strong knowledge of the SaaS business and the support we received made us believe in the launch. It was easy to discuss things and they always listen to what we have to say”

Trustmary is the first investment from her new fund. Trustmary launched its first SaaS product in the fall of 2020 and is rapidly growing to become a leading testimonial marketing platform.

Vendep Capital is a specialized B2B SaaS VC operating in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It invests in the best early-stage software entrepreneurs. His first ticket is from 0.1 to 3 million euros depending on the stage of the company. Additionally, the company supports successful startup founders by leveraging its extensive SaaS expertise and global networks to accelerate their growth.

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