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Finnish police reveal that Russian embassy in Finland receives several bomb threats: report

Finnish police informed that the Russian Embassy in Finland had received bomb threats in recent weeks. Heikkin Porola, chief superintendent of the Helsinki Police Department, said the Russian Embassy started receiving threats after Russia launched a military attack on Ukraine, yle reported. The threats were made against the Moscow Embassy in Finland through letters and other means.

Heikkin Porola informed that explosives were not discovered and no incidents were reported after the threats. The Finnish police are trying to verify whether the threats made against the Russian embassy were credible. They were even coordinating with the Russian embassy, ​​located in the Kaivopuisto district of Helsinki, to find details about the threats. However, the authorities have not yet opened a criminal investigation. In addition to the threats, the Russian embassy was also targeted by vandals, according to the report. Parole noted that the Russian embassy had previously received threats when Moscow occupied Crimea in 2014.

Vandals broke Russian embassy security camera

Vandals reportedly spray painted the fence of the Russian Embassy building and broke a security camera located at one of the gates. Police said the incident happened during protests outside the Russian Embassy. According to Report Yle, authorities have stepped up surveillance in the region after Russia launched a military attack on Ukraine. After Russia launched a military attack on Ukraine, people took to the streets of Finland on February 24 to protest against the Russian decision. Police estimated that around 1,500 people took part in the peaceful protest outside the Russian Embassy in Helsinki. Former Deputy Finance Minister Arja Alho (SDP) attended the protest in Helsinki and called the Russian military action “a terrible thing”.

Russia–Ukraine War

Amid the escalating war between Moscow and Kyiv, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry in a Facebook post on Friday, March 25, claimed that around 16,100 Russian troops have lost their lives since Russia began the war. invasion on February 24. According to the ministry, Russia lost 1,625 soldiers. armored fighting machines, 291 artillery systems, 90 MLRS, 561 tanks, 124 helicopters, 115 aircraft, 49 anti-aircraft warfare systems and 1089 vehicles. In addition, 53 unmanned aerial vehicles, five ships, including ships and boats, 72 fuel tanks and 18 special equipment from Russia were destroyed.

Image: AP

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