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Finnish Prime Minister passes drug test after party leader filmed at crazy party | World | New

The Finnish leader, who was dubbed ‘the coolest prime minister in the world’ by German news outlet Bild last week, has come under fire this week after leaked footage showed her partying. Some politicians urged her to take a drug test. The 36-year-old told a press conference on Friday that she had taken a test – and the results would be available next week.

Ms Marin, in power since December 2019, told reporters she had never taken drugs and insisted: “I haven’t done anything illegal.

“Even in my teens, I didn’t use any kind of drugs.”

Ms Marin, who stressed she was entitled to the presumption of innocence, said she took the test to allay concerns.

Opposition party leader Riikka Purra was among those who asked Ms Marin to take a voluntary drug test, saying a “shadow of doubt” hung over her.

Center Party MP Mikko Karna – part of Ms Marin’s coalition government – tweeted ‘it would be wise’ for the prime minister to ‘submit a drug test voluntarily’.

Ms Marin suggested she would consider taking one, telling reporters she had ‘not used drugs’ and had ‘no problem taking tests’.

She said: “I have a family life, I have a professional life and I have free time to spend with my friends. Pretty much like a lot of people my age.”

Journalists questioned whether the leader, who was once the world’s youngest head of government – a title now held by Chilean President Gabriel Boric – would have been able to make quick government decisions if needed.

To that, she said, “I don’t remember a single time when there was a sudden situation in the middle of the night to go to the Palace of the Council of State.

“I think my ability to function was really good. There were no known meetings on the days I was partying.”

The party seen in the leaked clip, which has been widely shared on social media, is believed to have taken place a few weeks ago at private apartments.

Several Finnish media personalities appear in the video.

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It’s no secret that Ms Marin loves to party and she’s often been photographed at music festivals.

Last year she apologized for going to a club after coming into close contact with a case of COVID-19.

She was initially told she didn’t need to self-isolate but then missed a text telling her otherwise as she had left her work phone at home.

Speaking about the leaked video, she said she knew she was filmed but was disappointed the clip became public.

She said, “I hope people understand that free time and work time can be separated.”

Ms Marin previously said of the backlash: “I danced and sang and partied – perfectly legal things.

“And I have never been in a situation where I have seen or known other [using drugs].”