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Five developments as Finland announces NATO decision

2. Finland to announce NATO decision as Sweden hosts key meeting

Finland’s government is expected to formally announce its intention to join NATO on Sunday, as Sweden’s ruling party holds a landmark meeting that could pave the way for a joint bid.

Less than three months after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the two Nordic neighbors appear on the verge of reversing Finland’s policies of military non-alignment dating back more than 75 years and more than two centuries in Sweden.

“I hope we can send our applications next week with Sweden,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Saturday.

3. Missile hits military infrastructure, governor says

A missile strike hit military infrastructure in the Lviv region of western Ukraine on Sunday morning, regional governor Maxim Kozitsky said in a message on his Telegram messaging app.

“There is no information of any fatalities or injuries at this time,” Kozitsky said. “The extent of the destruction is being clarified.”

4. Ukraine leads a counter-offensive in the East

Ukrainian forces have launched a counteroffensive near the Russian town of Izium in eastern Ukraine, a regional governor said on Saturday, in what could prove a serious setback for Moscow’s plans to capture the entire Donbass region.

Russian forces have concentrated much of their firepower on Donbass in a “second phase” of their invasion which was announced on April 19, after failing to reach the capital kyiv from the north in the first weeks of the war. war.

But Ukraine has reclaimed territory in its northeast, driving the Russians out of Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv. Maintaining pressure on Izium and Russian supply lines will make it harder for Moscow to encircle hardened Ukrainian troops on the eastern Donbass front.

The Russian Defense Ministry said its forces struck a series of military sites, including in Donbass, killing at least 100 Ukrainian “nationalists”.