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Ghanaian lecturer based in Finland for 15 years debunks myth about job opportunities available

  • Eric Buah, a Ghanaian a lecturer who has been in Finland for 15 years shared with the misconceptions about getting a job in Finland
  • This was the result of a recent story about how Eric Nyamekye, another Ghanaian living in Finland, said that many Ghanaians should work as cleaners in Finland.
  • Eric Nyamekye said this was so because foreigners who did not speak and understand the Finnish language did not have chance of getting a professional job

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In a previous story, a Ghanaian based in Finland called Eric Nyamekye took to social media to share how he was able to build a house in Ghana within two years of living in Finland. He said Finland and other European countries are ideal for hard-working people to achieve success in a short period of time.

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A Ghanaian lecturer, Eric Buah, has lived in Finland for 15 years
A Ghanaian lecturer, Dr.Ing. Eric Buah, D.Sc.(Tech) has lived in Finland for 15 years. Photo credit: Eric Buah. Source: UGC
Source: UGC

Eric Nyamekye also said that it is easier to get any job with a Finnish language certificate. However, one may have to do menial jobs like being a cleaner despite being certified in English.

In an exclusive story, Eric Buah, an artificial intelligence scientist and lecturer in Finland, shared with that while there is an iota of truth in Eric Nyamekye’s story about how foreigners can easily earn money doing odd jobs in Finland, it did not fully reflect the reality on the ground .

Eric Buah debunked the above statement by saying that Finland places no limits on the type of work people can get. He said this:

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Due to the urge to earn as much money as possible as quickly as possible, some educated Africans have unfortunately not considered the importance of building a career. Instead, they are more content to work in jobs that are the easiest to get like cleaning, for example. This leads to situations where sometimes it’s the only experience they have on their CV. How do you compete with, say, a Finnish mechanical engineer with 14 years of relevant experience, despite your degree in mechanical engineering if your only experience is in cleaning?

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Taking himself as an example, he stated that he works both professional and menial jobs. He is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in business at the Finnish Cultural Foundation and as an artificial intelligence scientist at a Finnish energy start-up.

He also works as an adjunct lecturer for engineering and sustainable business at the Finnish University of Applied Sciences, where he only teaches courses in English.

Part-time, he works at the factory.

He also established a fact by saying:

Someone from Ghana with studies in political science or library science or someone pursuing a doctorate, for example in religious studies, may find themselves in cleaning or other unrelated jobs due to employment opportunities limitations in these areas. On the other hand, if you have a degree in computer science or healthcare, your chances of landing a job are much higher because the demand for labor in these fields is much higher.

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He concluded by saying:

Finland has managed to build a society that offers equal opportunities and even immigrants also benefit from the system. I am one of the beneficiaries. I will always be grateful to the country for changing the life of a poor mother’s son from a small town in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

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