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Information about Ukrainian arms smuggling to Finland turns out to be false

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that information about the alleged smuggling of Ukrainian small arms to Finland turned out to be false; the Finnish media, which published an interview with such a statement, is currently preparing to withdraw it.

Source: Department of Communication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Quotation: “Kremlin activists willingly provoke the creation of dangerous myths and fictions regarding the situation in Ukraine.

The most recent example of such an information “subterfuge” with such an obvious goal appeared in the Finnish press. This is an interview from Yle media with Christer Ahlgren, Detective Superintendent of the National Bureau of Investigation of Finland (Keskusrikospoliisi)

The journalist claims that Ahlgren reported that there was some data from the criminal police of Finland on the likelihood of small arms intended for the Ukrainian army reaching criminal groups in that country. Moreover, the interview indicates that these guns are already in Finland, and they are in other Scandinavian countries.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs immediately started the procedure of verifying the data presented in this document from its Finnish colleagues.

The latter denied the existence of seizures of such weapons of Ukrainian origin in Finland.

The aforementioned Finnish media outlet is already preparing a reasonable denial corresponding to previously published information, as there is reasonable ground to believe that the information presented in the article “was somehow invented by the journalist and does not correspond to the words of the representative of the police who was questioned.”

Representatives of law enforcement agencies of other countries confirmed the lack of information about the existence of a similar channel for the illegal transfer of small arms from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a request to Finland, Sweden and Denmark using Europol’s communication system to verify the information provided in the interview.”

Details: The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs notes that Russian propaganda often uses the fruits of the labor of foreign journalists who use unverified sources, Internet rumors, irrational assumptions and expert opinions affiliated with pro-Russian positions.


On October 30, in an interview with yle media, Christer Ahlgren, Detective Superintendent of the National Bureau of Investigation of Finland (Keskusrikospoliisi), said that the criminal police of finland have data indicating that small arms destined for the Ukrainian army may have ended up in criminal gangs in Finland.

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