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Mercedes sports cars will roll off the production line on Finland’s west coast | New

The manufacture of the AMGs will employ around 200 people but will not require the recruitment of new employees, the firm said.

The Valmet Automotive assembly line in Uusikaupunki (file photo). Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Valmet Automotive, a Finnish contract automaker, has signed an agreement with Mercedes-Benz to manufacture Mercedes-AMG GT sports cars in Uusikaupunki on the west coast of Finland.

Coupes will be produced in both hybrid and regular combustion engine models.

Production will begin towards the end of next year. Valmet Automotive estimates that manufacturing the cars will employ around 200 people in various departments of the plant.

However, the production will not require the recruitment of new employees, the firm noted.

At the end of June, Valmet Automotive announced that it was laying off 300 employees.

In the future, all four-door Mercedes-AMG GT cars will be produced in Uusikaupunki. According to the firm, the production must meet very high requirements.

“With the AMG, we’re making vehicles that require special skills and premium quality. And it’s great to be back in sports car manufacturing.” Pasi Rannussaid Valmet Automotive’s SVP Manufacturing in a press release.

Mercedes-Benz and Valmet Automotive have already teamed up for the production of three other car models.

Public investment company Tesi has a 38% stake in Valmet Automotive, which was spun off from public engineering company Valmet in 1995.