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MNR Seeks Comments on Finnish Region Fisheries Management Plans – Lake Superior News

COOK COUNTY, FINLAND, MINNESOTA ~~~ June 2, 2022 (LSNews) The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites anglers and others to comment through Friday, July 15 on fisheries management plans for several lakes in the Finnish Fisheries Work Area.

In Cook County, the Four Mile Lake plan will include updated fisheries information and a review of sampling frequency. In Lake County, the Eighteen Lake plan will include updated fishing information and a review of walleye stocking; plans for South McDougal Lake and Highland Lake will include updated fisheries information and a review of sampling frequency.

MNR will use public comments and suggestions when updating fisheries management plans that identify specific management activities planned for these lakes over the next five to 20 years. The plans include a variety of fisheries information, including summaries and assessments of past management activities and regulations; general information such as water chemistry and water temperature; and species occurrence, stocking and historical catch rates from previous fisheries surveys.

Plans can also identify biological and social factors that may limit the potential of a fishery and seek to address limiting factors by prescribing science-based management tools where biologically, financially and socially appropriate.

Public comments and suggestions are important in identifying fisher values ​​and social considerations to include in the plans. Public comments are most useful before plans are finalized. Anyone can request information and share their thoughts on fisheries management by contacting Finland’s Regional Fisheries Office via email at [email protected] or by phone at 218-328-8855.

Comments and suggestions for the management of other lakes and streams in the Finnish work area are welcome at any time and will be considered when these plans need to be revised. More information on fisheries in the Finnish zone is available on the MNR website (


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