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More British troops deploy to Finland

Around 150 British servicemen have deployed to Finland alongside US and Finnish armed forces for Exercise Vigilant Fox.

According to a Ministry of Defense press release, the deployment follows the UK’s Joint Security Declaration with Finland signed in May.

“More than 750 troops from the UK, US and Finland gathered this week in Niinisalo, western Finland, to take part in the four-day high readiness exercise. Partner nations have practiced interoperability between air and ground forces before Finland joined NATO. This type of international training is essential to prepare allies to operate side by side if NATO were to deploy in the future .

Armed Forces Minister James Heappey MP said:

“Exercise Vigilant Fox demonstrated the strength and interoperability of our armed forces with our American and Finnish allies and reaffirms our commitment to the defense and security of the Baltic Sea region.”

British troops based in Estonia as part of Project Unified Stance crossed into Finland in Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters, the Ministry of Defense said.

“Troops from Company C, 2-gun battle group, were inserted at Niinisalo to join the high-readiness Finnish forces of the Jaegar, Karelian and Pori brigades. The exercise also included soldiers, armored fighting vehicles and helicopters from the US 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team (The Iron Brigade).

Units from the three nations undertook a series of demanding training events, conducting offensive and defensive operations including helicopter assaults, covert landings and short-notice raids using American Black Hawks, Finnish NH-90 and British Chinooks. Such training improves integration between air and land forces, as well as interoperability between partner nations, and is crucial to ensuring that NATO forces can work together effectively on operations and in wartime.

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The exercise comes just two weeks after the deployment of RAF fighter jets to Finland and Sweden for joint training.