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NATO expansion in Finland and Sweden is a danger to world peace – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

By David Cavendish
On Wednesday August 10, President Joe Biden signed the treaty admitting Sweden and Finland to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This follows last week’s action by the Senate, which voted 95 to 1 (with one voting member “present” and three not voting) to ratify the treaty. Earlier this summer, the House of Representatives backed a nonbinding resolution endorsing the move (since that house has no constitutional role on treaties). It went 394-18.
After some research, we discover that those in both chambers who voted “no” were right-wing extremists of the MAGA type. The only negative vote in the Senate came from Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who we know from the famous photo of him giving insurgents a clenched fist on January 6, 2021.

No progressive member of either house opposed this NATO expansion. To say it was a surprise is an understatement. After decades of principled opposition to US military policy — in Southeast Asia, Iraq and Afghanistan — not a single member of the House Progressive Caucus or several liberal senators have stood up to oppose the measure. . Are we reverting to what has been called the “bipartisan foreign policy” that operated virtually unopposed in government for nearly two decades after World War II?
Since its founding in 1949, the United States has played the dominant role in NATO. As the centerpiece of the Cold War in Europe, the alliance, originally made up of twelve members, was created to deter what was perceived as “Soviet aggression”. It would provide a military response to any challenge to American hegemony and protect capitalism in Europe. It has since grown eight times and now has thirty countries in its ranks. With the exception of Spain, each new member is located between Germany and Russia. (Sounds like shades of Hitler’s “Drang Nach Osten” – the road to the east.) All of the recent additions were once part of the socialist world.
One would think that with the dissolution of the socialist systems in Eastern Europe, NATO would quietly disappear. That didn’t happen and, in fact, since the end of the Cold War, the alliance has been involved in military operations in places far and wide: the Balkans, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, among others. Note, by the way, that none of these places are close to the North Atlantic. It has become clear that the alliance has refocused its focus on becoming a major player in maintaining American hegemony around the world.
And earlier this year, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO strengthened its role as master of European security. The economic elites of the United States and the European Union are redefining the balance of power on the continent in their own way. A major objective is to cripple Russia’s economic and political influence in Eurasia.
This had a dramatic impact in northern Europe. Recent developments will turn the Baltic Sea into a NATO lake.
Led by conservative governments (even though they call themselves “social democrats”), Sweden and Finland have applied to join the alliance. Two of the largest countries in northern Europe, they have long followed policies of neutrality and non-alignment. Sweden declared itself neutral in both world wars and has continued these policies to the present day. Finland, which shares an 830-mile border with Russia, has established a relationship of mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s affairs with its big neighbor to the east, when it was the Soviet Union or later the Russian Federation.
Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership applications and further alliance provocations in the East were met with enthusiasm in the West.
The Council on Foreign Relations, an influential think tank in Washington, explained what it sees as the benefits of Swedish and Finnish membership.
“The joining of Finland and Sweden should strengthen the eastern flank of the alliance and its collective defenses in Northern Europe. Perhaps the biggest impact would be the stretching of NATO’s border with Russia…. And Finland and Sweden would greatly expand the alliance’s presence in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Circle…”.
The article goes on to say that “some Western military analysts have said that NATO would almost certainly need basic rights in Finland and Sweden to defend the Baltic states.”
But not everyone in Sweden or Finland approves of their government’s change in policy. The communist parties of Sweden and Finland have both issued statements strongly condemning the move.
Finnish Communists say: “We understand the concern about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The attack was a shock for us too. We condemn Russia’s criminal war and call on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine. “At the same time, we note that Finland is not threatened with military attack. This assessment was also included in the [Finnish] Report on the government’s security policy, which is currently before Parliament.
“Finland’s membership in NATO will not bring more stability to the region, but more tension. Turning Finland’s eastern border into a border between NATO and Russia would bring more armed forces and military activity here.
In a separate statement, the Finnish Communists recounted the policy of non-alignment and friendship with the Soviet Union, then Russia, which would be endangered by NATO membership. “Ultimately, it’s a matter of choice: favor an acceleration of the arms race or choose the path to peace. According to President Kekkonen, Finland is not neutral on the question of war and peace. Finland is on the side of peace against war.
Their Swedish comrades expressed similar views. “Sweden’s NATO membership is just a few formalities away and we are in a new reality, where Swedish imperialism has fully taken the plunge and applied for membership in the imperialist alliance the strongest and most important of our time.”
The statement goes on to say that this step “carries a significant risk not only for the workers of Finland and Sweden, but for the workers of the whole world, because the joining of the two countries will mean a new escalation and a new contradictions which characterize the capitalist system. And he concludes: “The [Swedish Communist Party] notes that the struggle against NATO must be primarily anti-capitalist. It is a task of communists to show how capitalism breeds war and that war under capitalism is inevitable and how alliances like NATO are a product of capitalism. The only way to achieve lasting peace is through socialism.
Sweden’s and Finland’s application for NATO membership opens a more dangerous period in the struggle for world peace. It is necessary that all people of good will oppose any enlargement of NATO. This should be only the first step in a move to abolish NATO and all military alliances and create a new international order based on peace and non-interference in the affairs of other countries. (IPA)