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On UNOPS corruption, Finland cuts funds as Guterres returns buck and tie to Gloria Starr Kins

On UNOPS corruption, Finland cuts funds as Guterres returns buck and tie to Gloria Starr Kins

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell’s Book
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UN GATE, June 20 –

At the United Nations under Antonio Guterres, there are only failures, excuses and fundraising on crises like UkraineBurma, Haiti and Cameroon.

There is impunity for sexual abuse by peacekeepers and UN staff like Juan Carlos Cunillera, just “along the way” during sex in the UN van exposed
by Inner City Press.

But now that we’ve watched and asked about Guterres’ omission of his ties to the UN CEFC China Energy bribe, which led him to ban the press (and Melissa Fleming continued the ban, not even answer
a pro bono letter from a law firm), on April 17, 2022, we published on other officials – including longtime UNOPS officer Vitaly Vanshelboim (who Inner City Press covered as part of gag orders from UNOPS before being banned from the UN by the corrupt Guterres.)

We noted that Vanshelboim’s skeeze in the S3i scam of UNOPS Grete Faremo or Inner City Press repeated asked UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric in writing, with no response, nor by Melissa Fleming.

Weeks later, the NYT, silent on most of the corruption of Guterres and his cronies, came to the UNOPS story. Good. And a quick spin from Dujarric: “The Secretary-General has accepted the resignation of Grete Faremo, the Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). Ms. Faremo’s resignation is effective Sunday, May 8. The Secretary-General is grateful for Ms. Faremo’s commitment and dedication to the Organization Mr. Jens Wandel of Denmark is appointed Acting Executive Director, effective 9 May, while the Secretary-General launches a process of recruitment, in consultation with the UNOPS Executive Board, to find a successor to Ms. Faremo.”

[Inner City
Press, prior to being thrown
out by SG Antonio Guterres,
Dujarric and Fleming exposed
Wendel too, for example here.]

But while the NYT noted for example that longtime member of the UN Correspondents’ Association Gloria Starr Kins (Inner City Press previous tweet here) played a role in abetting the fraud, they do not mention UNCA or NYT correspondents’ membership in it and their role in the press ban.

On June 7, there was an online panel discussion on UN (not covered) and UNOPS (mostly covered up) sexual abuse. Inner City Press, while covering an event on North Korea, posed a question in the chat from which further softball questions were taken by Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey (also a member of as Starr Kins of UNCA):

“Given the level of corruption in the UN Secretariat, do the panelists think that the Secretariat should be the one who, without any scrutiny, decides which media can come in and ask questions, and which cannot? Also – the party at which this UNOPS deal was arranged by a UN correspondent, right? What was done? – Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press.

Correspondents become censors: the question has not been asked, let alone answered. It was lamented that corruption could lead to negative coverage of the UN, and money was sought for both the UN and the panel host. Then it was over – die, like the UN today.

Check out this site – and Vanshelboim, here:

Two (2) residential properties, Ukraine
Two (2) residential properties, held in condominium, United States

Annuity, ING, United States
Investment funds, Citi Bank, USA
Investment fund, Danske Invest, jointly owned, Denmark

While Citibank (“Citi Bank”) still does business in Russia, what is the status of Vanshelboim properties in Ukraine? Anyway, no friend of freedom of the press.

We will have more on this.


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