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Police seize amphetamines and cocaine in one of Finland’s largest drug busts | News

The drugs have been linked to an organized crime network operating out of Finland, Estonia and the Netherlands.

A box was used to store and transport amphetamines. Image: Itä-Uudenmaan poliisilaitos

The Eastern Uusimaa Police Department announced on Thursday that it seized 113 grams of amphetamines and 103 kilograms of cocaine from a suspected drug smuggling ring in Finland in September 2021.

“The seizure is one of the largest, if not the largest, seizures of amphetamines by Finnish police in criminal cases under investigation,” he added. Mikko MinkkinenChief Inspector of the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, said in a press release.

Police believe the group previously managed to smuggle more than 50 kilograms of drugs into Finland from Estonia in three separate shipments before being arrested in September.

Authorities were only able to seize a total of about three kilograms of drugs from these shipments, which had already been distributed by dealers.

“The 116 kilograms of amphetamine, which the police seized and successfully prevented from entering the Finnish market, is equivalent to around 580,000 doses,” Minkkinen added.

Police suspect the drugs were smuggled into the country by an organized crime ring made up of Finnish and Estonian nationals, who acquired a total of around 165 kilograms of amphetamines in the Netherlands in the same month they were caught .

The market value of 165 kilograms of amphetamines is estimated at more than 4 million euros.

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Police found several stolen items during the search of the suspects’ homes Image: Itä-Uudenmaan poliisilaitos

Police: Drug money came from logistics company

Police currently suspect six people of being part of the criminal network that smuggled the drugs into Finland. The group is believed to be led by two Finnish men in their thirties (born in 1991 and 1992 respectively).

Police believe the men used the cryptocurrency to buy the drug shipments from suppliers in the Netherlands.

Preliminary investigations suggest that a logistics company run by one of the prime suspects served as a key source of funding for the drugs.

Officials suspect that the rest of the criminal network is made up of Estonian citizens, some of whom reside in Finland. It is believed that they stockpiled and distributed the amphetamines.

In addition to members of the drug trafficking ring, a total of ten people are suspected of aiding the group and of committing serious drug-related crimes, as well as other crimes such as money laundering. .

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Police also found a stolen e-bike during the search of the suspects’ homes Image: Itä-Uudenmaan poliisilaitos.

Coordination between Finnish, Estonian and Dutch police

The investigation was carried out by the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, in cooperation with Europol officials as well as police in the Netherlands and Estonia.

Dutch police sent Finnish authorities real-time information about members of a criminal group operating in the Netherlands who were under surveillance.

Two of the suspected drug traffickers were apprehended on their return from the Netherlands to Estonia. The Finnish men who allegedly ordered the amphetamines were later taken into custody in Finland.

Police believe the group also smuggled two kilograms of amphetamines from Finland to Estonia.