Can I Get A Portugal Golden Visa Residency By Investment Program?

Portugal has expanded the possibilities of the “golden visa” program The country began to operate new rules for obtaining a residence permit through investment. 

Foreigners can apply for a local residence permit by investing from € 350,000 in a new or existing Portuguese company for a period of three years. An important requirement is the creation or maintenance of five jobs.

Those wishing to obtain a residence permit in 2017 have new opportunities. The main privileges received by investors. But lucky and those who receive the usual residence permit. We represent the digest of the most significant events of the year in the immigration field.


Turkish citizenship for investment

Let’s start with Turkey, which finally announced the conditions for granting citizenship for investment. The project has been developed since 2015. According to the amendments to the relevant law, the owner of a Turkish passport can be buyers of real estate worth $ 1 million, as well as those who invest at least $ 2 million in local production or create at least 100 jobs in the country.


Residence permit in Estonia

In Estonia, simplified the rules of residence permit. First of all, the authorities abolished the obligation to reside in the country on the basis of a residence permit for at least 183 days a year. In addition, they canceled the requirement of mandatory registration with the Police and Border Guard Board if you were absent from the country for more than 183 days a year.


Residence permit in Luxembourg

In the Grand Duchy there appeared a residence permit program for investments. True, it does not give the right to obtain a residence permit in exchange for the purchase of real estate. A three-year residence permit can be obtained by investing at least € 500,000 in an existing company in Luxembourg or setting up a business,  provided that at least five employees are employed. Another possibility is to invest € 3 million in a special investment structure or a contribution of € 20 million to Luxembourg banks for at least five years.


Visas to Thailand

Kingdom authorities have restarted the Thailand Elite program, which has been in operation since 2003. By its terms, foreign investors can get a long-term visa in the country for a period of 5 to 20 years, enjoy tax privileges and VIP-service. Such a long-term visa is not a residence permit (residence permit), but its holders have greater advantages compared to holders of ordinary entry documents. So, those who wish to spend in Thailand for more than three months in a row should not come to the consulate personally but can do it by mail without paying additional fees. Every year the visa is updated without having to leave the country. The cost of participation in the program is from $ 15,000.


Residence permit in Italy for investments

Italy introduced investor visas. This means that foreigners can now apply for a residence permit in Italy if they invest a certain amount in the country’s economy. There are several options: € 2 million in Italian government bonds, € 1 million in equity of Italian companies, € 500,000 in equity of innovative start-ups or € 1 million in socially significant projects. An investor visa will be issued for two years with the possibility of extension for another three years. Program participants will be able to subsequently apply for a permanent residence permit (permanent residence), and after 10 years – for the country’s citizenship.


Residence permit for investments in Malta

Malta has simplified the conditions for obtaining a residence permit for investors. The authorities of the island approved at once several changes in the rules for granting a residence permit for investments. Among them is the opportunity for applicants to apply for a long-term residence permit and the lifting of the age limit of children that can be included in the application. The program is valid from May 2016.


Residence permit in Latvia

In 2016, Latvia obliged to pay € 5,000 for the renewal of a residence permit (permit ). And in 2017, I allowed foreigners who have received a residence permit by investing in the Latvian economy to pay a fee gradually. Those foreign investors who received a residence permit before June 6, 2017, are exempt from this fee.