• The president rejects the mediation for Catalonia and reminds the independence movement that “their reasons and their supporters are not true”
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Rajoy limits the dialogue to

Mariano Rajoy offers Carles Puigdemont the possibility of “dialogue about public services, financing, self-government, solidarity, and accountability”. The Spanish president has assured this afternoon in the Congress, where he has appeared at his own request, that “the framework of coexistence within the framework of existing organizations can be improved”.

It is the offer that the Government sends to the Generalitat. An offer that goes through the “return to legality” of Puigdemont, who yesterday declared the independence of Catalonia, but then suspended it. A gesture that has not been understood. For that reason, Rajoy sent this morning a request to the president of the Generalitat in which he asks him to “clarify” whether he has declared independence or not.

Support from the PSOE and Citizens

Rajoy has not given a deadline but will wait patiently for the answer, it is possible that for five days. Then, if Puigdemont refuses to return to legality, the Spanish president will apply Article 155 of the Constitution and suspend the autonomy of Catalonia. Account for that plan with the support of the PSOE and Citizens.

The president has explained all this in his speech in which her echazado “mediation” has requested the Government of the Generalitat. “There is no possible mediation between the democratic law and disobedience or illegality,” he was sentenced after thanking “the good intention” of the mediators who have offered during these days.

But in addition to offering dialogue and discarding mediation, Rajoy has not avoided highlighting the “serious moment that Spanish democracy is going through” and has not been spared pointing to the independence movement as guilty of the situation: “The rulers of Catalonia have used their position to carry out an unfair attack against the Constitution, the Statute and coexistence. ”

The Prime Minister also regretted that the “companies are leaving Catalonia because of the independence movement” and reminded the separatists that “they can not impose themselves,” because “their reasons and their supporters are not true”.


He also insisted that on October 1 there was no referendum for missing ballots, minutes, notifications, electoral census, census cards or auditors “The result was written in advance,” Rajoy has said after recalling that in many populations there were “more votes what inhabitants. ”

Rajoy has tried to maintain “prudence” throughout this process, but on October 1, the Government sent the police and the Civil Guard to close the polling stations. The image of the day was not good for the Executive. Rajoy has acknowledged that “no one can feel happy about the 1-O, or the image that was given, or the gross manipulations against the Police and Civil Guard” and has pointed out as “guilty to those who were determined to keep that query”.

Appeal to moderate nationalism

And he also wanted to express his “gratitude” to those who “have fulfilled their duty in defense of the common good, judges, prosecutors, police or civil guard”, who “have performed their work with dedication and professionalism”, he assured that some agents have suffered from being thrown out of the Catalan hotels where they were staying.

After making clear that “no president could break Spain because no one can skip article 2 of the Constitution,” the president has insisted that independence “is not peaceful, is not free and has very high costs” and after making the umpteenth call for the Generalitat “return to legality” has appealed to the “moderate and practice” nationalism, which in its day represented CiU, so that with its return to the political scene begin to “close wounds.”