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RIYADH: Industry experts used the final day of an international payment and commerce technology conference in Riyadh to urge companies to think more like their customers and make products as easy to use as possible.

More than 6,000 attendees descended on the Seamless exhibition, held over two days at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, and took part in lectures, panel discussions, introductory talks that highlight highlighting the latest technologies in retail, fintech, payments and e-Commerce.

Day two, November 2, kicked off with keynote speaker Nora Albakr, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Excellence at Saudi Payment.

She discussed the changing dynamics of the payment industry and the future of payment technology.

His speech was followed by an interview with Gunjan Bhow, global e-commerce leader and Amazon, Disney and Walgreens Boots Alliance veteran.

He discussed strategies to build customer experience capabilities in e-commerce.

“The customer has a very specific need and they’re naturally impatient and driven by so much impulse,” Bhow said.

“If you know, really, why they’re engaging with you, which even piques their curiosity, and (you) then build an experience to optimize that,” he said.

“My advice is to know your client, and by know I mean you should be able to think through their thoughts and not just ask them to complete a survey,” Bhow said.

“Trust is earned by repeatedly solving really difficult customer issues…it can be as simple as the speed of our helpdesk operations or customizing a login or registration,” a- he advised the crowd.

Following Bhow’s opening interview, Hazem Alrashed, VP of Business Support at Mobily Pay, moderated a discussion on the role of the digital wallet as a catalyst for innovations in financial services, a month only after the launch of Mobily Pay.

Tamim Alqusair, Vice President of Business for Saudi Payments, used his speech to discuss e-commerce payments in Saudi Arabia and the impacts on consumers, businesses and the economy.

He highlighted the growth of the e-commerce market, e-commerce payments and services by Saudi payments, and also discussed the new e-commerce and payment ecosystem of 2023 by Saudi payment.

Seamless concluded with a panel discussion on the silent revolution in B2B payments and how digitization is enabling profitability.

Reflecting on the two-day event, Khawlah AlShehri, Head of Cybersecurity at Saudi finTech startup and digital broker Arib, said, “This is our first year at this conference and it was an interesting experience. .

“We benefited a lot from our presence in Seamless, there were many opportunities and many companies contacted us.”

Arib was launched in 2019 and acts as a mediator between the client and finance organizations such as banks to provide the client with the best personal finance services in personal finance, home finance and car finance.

“Users register on Arib based on their information, salary and budget to be able to buy a choice of car, real estate or personal loan, then it will show them the best finance offers from banks based on of where they are,” AlShehri said. .