Should fans wait for The Defeated season 2?


Headlining a Scandinavian drama with a dark backstory, the secrets are plentiful, but what price would you pay to unlock them? Released just a week before, on August 18, 2021, The Defeated (formerly Shadowplay), a German crime television series, was directly placed in Netflix’s Top 10 Trending. In 1946 the war finally ended and Berlin felt liberation for the first time in a long time.

Max McLaughlin, an American policeman, is responsible for deterring the city’s most prolific criminal, Werner “Engelmacher” Gladow. Max, however, was another motive for traveling to Berlin: to find his missing brother Moritz who wanted to hunt down ex-Nazis. Although World War II is drawing to a close, the Cold War begins, and the perilous situations of the two brothers.

Should fans wait for The Defeated season 2?

Creators Måns Mårlind’s and Bjorn Stein’s plan to disclose the saga in a series of 16 parts spread over two chapters. However, given that only one season with eight episodes has been released, we believe there are several aspects yet to be revealed. Plus, the ominous twist at the end of the introductory episode left many viewers scratching their heads. Therefore, we recommend that you wait until the new season of The Defendant to explore the true glory of lore.

Expected release date

The second series of The Defendant was due to start production in 2020, but alas! The global pandemic thwarted another TV show. One of the show’s cast, Logan Marshall-Green, shared an image from the set on his Instagram account in January 2021, revealing that the second season had yet to complete filming.

Based on the foregoing indications, it can be assumed that it takes about a year for a broadcast season to be properly broadcast. Therefore, fans can expect to see the new season on their screens by mid-2022.

Cast and expected characters

Taylor Kitsch as Max McLaughlin, an NYPD cop who arrives in Berlin to help German police find his missing brother. As Moritz, Max’s lost brother Logan Marshall-Green leaves clues and letters to help his brother find him. Michael C. Hall as Tom Franklin, Vice Consul of the United States, and Tuppence Middleton as his wife, Claire Franklin.

Nina Hoss as Elsie Garten, the head of the regional police station, and Benjamin Sadler as her imprisoned husband, Leopold Garten. Lena Dörrie as Trude and Anne Ratte-Polle as Marianne will not be returning due to the culmination of their characters. New cast members could star in the second season as well, but nothing is certain yet.

Expected route

While the end of the first season can be considered final as there aren’t many cliffhangers, there could also be a lot of exploration around a whole new plot. How Max and Elsie’s relationship is affected after the latter’s husband is released could be the main focus. We also find out that Moritz, Nax’s brother, is alive, which means he could fulfill his original mission of getting revenge on the Nazis.

The main villain Gladow commonly referred to as “The Angel Maker”, might also have a chance to continue his notoriety due to insufficient evidence, even after being arrested by the police. There is a lot to see!

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