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Sievi Capital to make follow-up investment in Nordic

Sievi Capital Plc
Press release April 22, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. EEST

Sievi Capital to make follow-up investment in Nordic Rescue Group

Sievi Capital Plc’s target company, Nordic Rescue Group Oy, today paid the deferred purchase price of €1.7 million to the seller of Saurus Oy and Vema Lift Oy. Sievi Capital announced the completion of the acquisition in a press release dated February 6, 2020.

The debt payment is financed by a junior loan granted by the owners of Nordic Rescue Group, of which Sievi Capital’s share is 1.3 million euros.

The arbitration of a dispute related to the purchase agreement and purchase price liabilities resulted in a total one-time charge of approximately €0.9 million for Nordic Rescue Group, of which approximately €0.3 million euros have already been accounted for in 2021.


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