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Southern and central Finland prepare for the Northern Lights show | News

The phenomenon should be visible in the Finnish sky as soon as night falls on Thursday evening, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Forecasts call for mostly clear skies on Thursday. Image: Tomi Hanninen

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights over southern and central Finland are “high” in the coming days.

Geomagnetic disturbances have been observed over the past 24 hours, the institute said, and the northern Lights The phenomenon is therefore likely to be visible in the Finnish sky as soon as night falls on Thursday evening.

Visibility is highly dependent on cloud cover, and while cloudy conditions are forecast for some parts of the country, other areas can expect partly overcast skies.

“At night it will be at least partly clear, and especially the night before Friday may even be largely clear,” the institute said. wrote (siirryt toiseen palveluun) on Twitter.

The proximity of the vernal equinox – which occurred on Sunday March 20 – may also enhance the activity of the aurora borealis.

Yle’s Finnish-language news service has invited readers to submit their photos or comments on the predicted appearance of the Northern Lights, which can be done via the form below (in Finnish).