Finland regions

Temperatures in southern Finland could hit 30C on Tuesday

LAST WEEKEND, temperatures reached 25°C as far north as Vaasa.

Joonas Koskela, a meteorologist at YLE, told the public broadcasting company on Sunday that warm air is expected to continue to spread further north on Monday, pushing the mercury to over 25C, possibly as far north as Oulu. . Warm air is currently expected to continue heading north and arrive in Lapland on Tuesday.

“Temperatures in the south could rise by nearly 30 degrees on Tuesday,” he said.

A low pressure system is expected to track west across Norway and Sweden on Tuesday. Koskela said the system could bring “a lot of rain and thunder” to the region, with the low likelihood of pushing the rains into western Finland on Tuesday.

However, the day will be bright and warm in other parts of the country.

The likelihood of rain and thunder will increase in the west and northeast of the country on Wednesday and Thursday. With the exception of Lapland, the rains are not expected to cool the weather, with temperatures expected to stay above 25°C in many parts of the country also towards the end of the week.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT