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The Hungarian Parliament has not yet voted on the ratification of Sweden and Finland joining NATO

The majority of the ruling party rejected the MSZP motion that would have set the parliamentary vote on Finland and Sweden joining NATO for Tuesday, October 4, according to a Facebook post by the author of the motion, Bertalan. Toth.

For a new member state to join NATO, it must be ratified by all existing member states in their parliaments. According to, apart from Hungary, Turkey is the only NATO member that has not yet ratified the two countries’ joining the military alliance.

The Hungarian government tabled a proposal to support the membership of Sweden and Finland two and a half months ago, but it has still not been put on the agenda for adoption.

The opposition Socialist Party (MSZP) reportedly pushed through both proposals and demanded that they be placed on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.

This was rejected by President László Kövér on his own authority, and when the MSZP demanded an open vote on the issue, he rejected it with the Fidesz majority.

Parliament’s press service told Telex earlier that the vote on whether the two countries would join NATO is on the autumn parliamentary agenda, but did not say when exactly it would take place.

It was announced ahead of the NATO summit in Madrid at the end of June that all member states had accepted Sweden and Finland to join NATO. However, to finalize the process, not only the leaders of the countries must agree, but the parliaments of the countries must also sign the laws to this effect. It is now done by all except Turkey, already opposed to membership, and Hungary, which is waiting for an unknown reason.

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