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Unusual underwater explosions detected for two days in the Gulf of Finland, near Russia: the Nord Stream connection remains unknown

Seismologists discovered several underwater explosions in the Gulf of Finland on Thursday and Friday, but their causes are still unknown.

The explosions occurred near Vyborg, a city in Russia.

Connections to the Nord Stream leak, if any, are yet to be determined.

Researchers from the University of Helsinki’s Institute of Seismology discovered the five explosions.

They discovered that the explosions occurred in the Gulf of Finland near the Russian town of Vyborg, located near the Finnish border and about three hours drive east of Helsinki, Finland.

Timo Tiira, the director of the institute, said Newsweek in an interview that on October 20, there were four explosions between 9.35 a.m. and 3.33 p.m.; on October 21, there was a fifth explosion at 00:08 UTC.

Earthquake magnitude explosions

Compared to the strength of an earthquake, the explosions had an intensity between 1.3 and 1.8. Although it is too small to be felt by humans, a seismograph can measure its strength.

Tiira said these unusual events are explosions rather than earthquakes based on signal characteristics.

He added that although the “events” had already been discovered in the area, they did not happen every year.

Tiira further stated that the Nord Stream pipe extends further to the northeast and the team is unaware of any infrastructure present in the area.

The team must assess the depth of the explosions.

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Mysterious explosions that caught the Nord Stream 1

The reported explosions coincide with the ongoing investigation into unexplained explosions that damaged part of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in late September.

Investigations revealed that the pipeline suffered significant damage, with around 50 meters missing from one section, according to the South China Morning Post.

The cause of the explosions is still unknown despite police investigations.

The pipeline was built by Russia and other countries, and it is used to transport energy to other parts of Europe.

States in Europe and the United States attributed the pipeline explosions to sabotage, but it is unclear who might be responsible.

According to Russia, the United States or possibly its allies were responsible for the explosions and that the pipeline ruptures occurred in areas entirely under the control of US intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, support Russian Navy ships and submarines not far from the locations of the Nord Stream leaks, Reuters noted.

America denied being involved in the event.

The explosions occurred as winter approached and European governments were grappling with an ongoing energy crisis, which is partly attributable to the disruption of Russian gas supplies following political unrest between the West and Russia over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

By pipeline, Russia supplies 40% of the gas needed by the European Union, despite a 75% reduction in exports this year, Newsweek reported.

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