Video: Other Greenwood Wildfire evacuation orders are in effect


“We are open 24 hours a day and take care of anyone displaced by the fire,” said Domenic Lalama, a Red Cross volunteer. The Red Cross station is located at the Community Center of Finland.

As the temperatures start to drop a bit and the relative humidity is relatively high, Lake County Emergency Manager Matt Pollmann said: “Maybe the fire crews in the field can start to get cold. contain and progress. “

Sadly, fire crews had no respite as the blaze doubled in size from 4,734 acres to 9,607 acres. Information Officer Clark McCreedy identifies this growth as the reason for more evacuation orders in the north.

“And these evacuation orders were focused on the areas of Jackpot Lake, west and east of Chub Lake and Slate Lake… The fire was moving north, [and] these communities were potentially at risk, so the sheriff’s department issued this evacuation order once the fire passed through this management access point, ”says McCreedy.

With their anchor point located at the south end of the light, the next task is to pinch the top. McCreedy explains by saying, “The behavior of the fire is really driven by the weather of the landscape. Once you have a good anchor point you move up the flanks to a point where you can pinch fire.

But the weather of the last few days has not been helpful, nor has the landscape of the blaze. The area where the fire is located is dominated by wetlands. Thus, bringing in equipment and creating access points is extremely difficult for crews.

But they remain determined to prevent the fire from destroying community structures.

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