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Wartsila opens sustainable tech hub in Finland

Wartsila has opened a 250 million euro ($267.4 million) sustainable technology hub for decarbonization in the marine and energy sectors, as the company underlines its determination to advance the objectives of energetic transition.

The power and propulsion equipment supplier will invite customers, corporate partners and universities to participate in the hub, located in Vaasa, Finland, by incubating, testing and validating ideas, Wartsila said.

The hub includes a new modern training center Wartsila Land & Sea Academy, customer expertise centers for remote operational support, predictive maintenance solutions and the development of new digital innovations that will help customers optimize their operations and decarbonize.

“The speed at which the marine and energy industries are moving to meet decarbonization goals is accelerating. The Sustainable Technology Hub, a global center for research, innovation, engineering and manufacturing, marks the start of a new era for Wartsila,” said Chairman and CEO Hakan Agnevall.

“By leveraging innovative technologies that already exist, we can accelerate the development of scalable engines capable of running on sustainable fuels. We can now demonstrate that a carbon neutral future is achievable.

Construction of the hub was announced in 2018. It includes a modern fuel laboratory, technology and engine testing facilities, and a production system with a high level of automation, the company said. Around 1,500 people are employed at the centre.

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The center is intended to help Wartsila achieve its own goal of carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030, through the expansion of sustainable fuels.

The company noted that it already has engines running on carbon neutral fuels, with the release of its W32 methanol engine to the market.

He said an ammonia concept will be ready by 2023 and a hydrogen concept should be available by 2025.

Finnish Economic Affairs Minister Mika Lintila said, “As we all know, Wartsila is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. Today, it is making history having made a significant investment in Finland, and in particular in the Vaasa region, where the company has long been a driving force.